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Astley Burf Outdoor Adventure Centre

The Centre, which is located some 2¼ miles south of Stourport on Severn, has been owned and administered by Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council since 1931.  It is in a superb location in tranquil and beautiful countryside. 

Approximately 1500 Dudley young people visit Astley Burf annually the majority are from Dudley’s Primary and Special schools but there are also a small number of local children’s groups/clubs who visit the Centre for a weekend visit.

By being given direct access to the countryside through a Monday to Friday adventure the children are able to explore the environment which provides them with an exciting and positive learning situation outside the formal discipline of a curricular subject.  None of the courses planned are identical as each group has its own needs and requirements to suit their young people.

Mission Statement –

We are committed to providing high quality outdoor learning opportunities, for the children from Dudley and the wider community, through educational experiences in the natural environment.  This is underpinned by activities which allow children to develop leadership skills, strong interpersonal values and an adventurous spirit.

Values –

  • To provide a welcoming and caring environment in which all visitors and staff feel supported, safe and secure.
  • To be a first choice provider of residential outdoor education for children and young people.
  • To promote and instil an appreciation of the benefits of physical fitness and the lifelong value of participation in healthy leisure activities
  • Enriching the curriculum and improving educational attainment
  • Encouraging young people of all backgrounds and abilities to maximise their learning opportunities by becoming involved in new activities
  • Developing a range of skills in outdoor activities and exploration
  • To foster caring attitudes to our natural surroundings and develop sustainable lifestyles.
  • Helping young people to learn about assessing and managing risk.
  • To develop, throughout their stay, an increase use of initiative, responsibility, perseverance and commitment, by the children visiting the centre.

Behaviour and Expectations

Our philosophy is to foster mutual respect for individuals, together with care and respect for the environment in which all members of the centre community work and play.  We endeavour to ensure that children are able to make informed choices and know the difference between right and wrong.  This requires from everyone an understanding of and commitment to a consistency of approach, to ensure that expectations of what is acceptable behaviour are clear to pupils and all adults visiting  Astley Burf. This will be achieved by promoting and recognising responsible behaviour through encouragement, praise and example.

We ask that children do not bring mobile phones or electronic devices onsite (disposable cameras are allowed).

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