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Effective use of PE and Sport Funding at Foxyards Primary School

Overall Aim:
“Every child will enjoy increased participation in sporting activities and develop a more healthy lifestyle.”

Foxyards Primary School will use its Sports Premium Grant to improve P.E and Sports participation across the school and will promote healthy lifestyles for all children.

The four main aspects that we will develop are:
• Improving the quality of teaching and learning in P.E and other relevant subject areas.
• Increasing participation in sporting activities and high quality PE lessons for all children.
• Improving pupils’ lifestyles and physical wellbeing
• Developing a leadership role managing sport and well-being across the school.

Improving the quality of teaching and learning
The school will use the Sports Premium grant to raise the standard of teaching and learning in PE. This will be led by the P.E leader who will be professionally trained externally and share her expertise with other staff through in-house coaching. This will be a cost effective way of raising the quality of teaching across the school.
Specialist P.E coach will be employed to teach P.E in all year groups. This will underpin progression and continuity of children’s sporting skills.
Following an audit some of the budget will be spent on additional PE resources to enable active participation by all children in all lessons.

Increasing participation in sporting activities and PE
At Foxyards we want all children to exert themselves during PE and understand the benefits of sustained physical activity. Increasing the opportunities to take part in inter-school competition will also raise levels of motivation and enthusiasm.
The Sports Premium grant will support the funding of an increased range of after school clubs for all ages which will be free for parents.

Within school each year group will have a focused week on an aspect of healthy lifestyles. During this time children will learn about healthy diets and lifestyles and have opportunity to participate in new and unfamiliar sporting activities. This will widen their understanding of health and well-being and encourage them to be healthy and active. Healthy lifestyles will also be covered through the P.S.H.E and Science curriculum.

Foxyards Primary School have taken part in the ‘Food Dudes’ project (A national programme to increase children’s consumption of fruit and vegetables supported by local PCTs).

Developing a leadership role managing sport and well-being across the school.
The Sports Premium will also be used to support the development of the role of a Sports Leader. This role is key so that the development of PE and Sport becomes an integrated part of the leadership strategy and good practice can be effectively promoted across the school. The Sports Leader will be responsible for managing the Sports Premium Funding  so that it is used effectively to achieve our aims.

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2015-2016 After Schoool Club impact   Premier Sport impact report – After school clubs and competitions  – January 2016 – August 2016

2017- Dudley Healthy Schools – Physical Activity in Schools.
Whole School Improvement Obesity prevention Plan

At Foxyards we keeping competitive sports at the heart of schools and provide children with the opportunities to compete in inter and intra house competitions.

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