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All our catering is provided by Aspens with all school meals being prepared on the premises. Children are offered a wide variety of healthy foods and drink.

We promote ‘healthy eating’ and children have a guaranteed choice: meat / fish option; a vegetarian option. We also offer a sandwich option as well as a jacket potato option. Each day there is a choice of vegetables or salad bar to encourage children to make healthy choices. For dessert there is a choice of fresh fruit, yoghurt and the occasional delicious pudding. Check out the Menu at the bottom of the page.

Children can bring their own packed lunch including a drink to school. As part of our healthy school programme we ask parents / carers to work with us to ensure that packed lunches contain healthy options (i.e. fruit and / or vegetables and no sweets or chocolate or fizzy drinks). Please make sure that your child’s lunch box is clearly labelled.

We have several pupils who have nut allergies and to protect them Foxyards is a ‘nut free zone’. Please do not send your child with peanuts or peanut butter sandwiches

Autumn 2018 menu