School Day

Home School Day
8:45am  Walk into learning

Rec and KS1 – Phonics

9:25-10:25am Literacy
10:25-10:40am Assembly


(Reception playtime is 10:10-10:25)

11:00-12:00noon Maths
12:00-12:45pm Reception and KS1 lunchtime
12:00-12:40pm Key Stage 2 Guided Reading
12:40-1:25pm Key Stage 2 lunchtime
12:45-1:15pm Key Stage 1 Guided Reading
1:25-3:15pm Afternoon session
3:15pm End of the school day

There is a slight variation on a Friday due to PE

Nursery session

8:45am Nursery am session starts
11:45am Nursery am sessions finishes
12:30pm Nursery pm session starts
3:30pm Nursery pm session finishes