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I am delighted to welcome you to Foxyards Primary School, a great place to work and an exciting place to learn. Our latest Ofsted Report, published in October 2014, judges us to be a good school in all key areas. As a school, we continue to ensure everybody follows our rules: ‘respect each other and aim high in everything we do’.

Foxyards is going from strength to strength and anyone visiting the school will see exciting teaching and learning opportunities for our children. We aim to focus on the skills, attitudes and understanding that children need to become good learners and thrive in an ever changing world, ensuring that children enjoy and achieve their very best but also take away ‘memorable moments’ from their time at Foxyards.

We have developed a broad and balanced curriculum with cross-curricular links to motivate children with lots of WOW factors and parental engagement, as well as opportunities to apply basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics and ICT for a real purpose and audience.

I hope that you will take the time to explore our school through our website, to gain a feel of what we are about; working together, through a shared mission statement…

‘learn to live, live to learn’.

We will achieve this mission statement by providing:

* 1.School’s Context & Characteristics

… a caring, happy, and safe learning environment which supports and values every individual in our learning community.

* 2. Achievement of all pupils

… outstanding achievements and personal development developing independent, resilient learners

* 3. The Quality of Teaching and learning

… outstanding teachers, caring staff, challenging learning opportunities for all pupils

* 4. Behaviour & Safety of Pupils

… a friendly ,safe, welcoming atmosphere which helps nurture responsible, confident, articulate and well behaved pupils.

* 5. Leadership and Management

… a school curriculum of inspiring opportunities which motivate children to achieve great things. Consistency throughout the school

* 6. Overall Effectiveness

… the best all round education for all children – they only get one shot in life!

I look forward to leading the school through new challenges and development in the future.

Helen Thomas

NB The member of staff who deals with queries from parents and other members of the public is: Mrs Thomas (Headteacher)

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